What is Craft Champagne?

Champagne can be a craft beverage!

Did you know that champagne can be as versatile in flavor as wine? That the wind, rain, sun and environment affects champagne the same way? That Champagne makers can be artisans with their grape varities, their processes, and of course, their flavors?

That the big brands you know, the ones who also make fabulous champagne, specialize in giving you the comfort of the same flavor every time you open a bottle? 

Like selling a big brand beer name versus a craft brewer or a grocery store wine versus a local winemaker, our Champagnes on offer are truly artisanl.

Are you ready to start a movement?

Craft champagne is for those looking to explore the champagne world outside of the comfort of the same flavors, cork after cork. While you can find craft producers who offer a consistent taste, the point is that craft champagne is for the curious. It's for people who want something different from small producers. All champagne production is highly controlled for consistency and quality, so we won't say it's for risk takers. You're not risking much.

It's also for the people who want to support local businesses. For the small producers who don't have big marketing budgets and their craft is owed to the world. It's for those who enjoy exploration and challenging the status quo.

Let's be clear: it's also for people who like to drink champagne. Can you really count yourself as a champagne aficionado without trying craft champagne?

How exactly do we define a craft champagne?

It's pretty simple: independent or small producers who develop their own champagne from farm to flute.  

If you want to know more about the various types of producers and the requirements to use the coveted label of champagne, you can read all about it directly from the official Champagne Committee website.